Terms & Conditions


The photographer and client shall display professionalism at all times; before, during and after the shoot.


The client agrees to pay the photographer a quarter of the payment of the initial cost of the shoot as a deposit.

This deposit should be within 5 days of booking the shoot and the remaining balance        upon the day of the shoot.

No Call No Show

Clients are required to call 4hrs before on the day of the shoot to notify the photographer of any cancellations. 

If a client fails to call and does not show up at the shoot as scheduled, the client will lose the deposit paid to the photographer as a compensation for time lost.


Clients are required to call at least 1 hour prior to shoot time to notify the photographer of any lateness. 

If a client fails to do so and is more than 10min late to shoot, the photographer has the right to leave without refunding any prior deposit made.

Ownership & Rights

The model agrees that the photographs, the copyright of the photographs and all other right of the photographs are the sole property of the photographer, and that only the photographer may protect the copyright or dispose of or authorize the use of any or all such rights in any manner whatsoever.

Client can not request to have "all" the unedited RAW photos from your shoot for free.
All Unedited High Resolution photos(jpeg) can be requested for a fee.

Close ups & Beauty
Commercial photography
Family portraits
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