About Quincy Carter

"I don't just want to capture a moment, I want my photos to tell a story....your story." 

- Quincy Carter


It all started when I was 6 years old, watching my father work his old Pentax camera while trying to keep me still so he can take a picture. It was at that moment that I realized I wanted to take pictures of moments in people's lives. But I don't just want to capture a moment I want my photos to tell a story....your story.

Like most people I initially started taking pictures as a hobby. However due to my background in hospitality I had access to lots of events and parties. This  lead to opportunities to take more photos. As the appreciation of my work grew so did my passion and I made the decision to go from hobbyist to professional photographer.

I’ve been taking professional photos for over two years now. My photos have been featured in Centennial College's promo pamphlets as well as their school website. I am based in Ajax, Ontario. I’m self taught and still attending YouTube university 😊. I consider myself a self motivated individual and love to explore unique ways to take photos.

What you will get from working with me is someone who will make sure that you are always comfortable and pays attention to detail. I approach each session with a fresh perspective and encourage conversation of ideas during the session. I take pride in my work and it reflects in the photos I produce. My goal is to bring out the best in my clients and allow them to express their strength, enthusiasm, hope and love in a photograph.

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